Hi everyone and welcome to my new blog, this time in English. My goal for this space is to share resources that I find useful  in my teaching, to connect with other educators and to be able to be helpful to anyone who’s afraid to use technology in their classrooms. I hope you like it […]

#InstagramELE continues being very popular (with more than 3000 pictures), and we have more teachers and students participating every day. Adelaida wrote a great post about who exactly participated in March and other details. For the month of April, we are happy to report that we had some people suggesting great words: @karacjacobs, @aranchapastor and a wonderful […]

Hi everyone. #InstagramELE has been a success! We got so far more than 1600 pictures and people contributing from different parts of the US and Spain (and maybe other places I don’t even know!). As @amartinbosque already pointed out, we are hoping that more teachers want to help with possible words  for future months. Here’s […]

Thanks to the great blog by @KaraJacobs, Cultura y Civilización, I have just discovered these two websites, www.spanishear.com, and www.spanishlistening.org, which are similar, but, as far as I can tell, not the same. They both have native speakers giving short answers to simple questions, like in this example: They both have the following: Possibility of […]

Here’s another presentation that I prepared for a group of teachers in New Jersey. It is very similar to the one I wrote about earlier. I covered Google Docs (again), added some ideas to use smartphones in the classroom and finally introduced teachers to Twitter as a professional development tool. Here it is. Let me […]