Adobe Slate, another way to create visual stories

17 Apr

Adobe just released a new app for the iPad, Slate. I tried it and it was very easy to use and the results are really wonderful. We have been trying to create an easy guide for teachers on how to use #InstagramELE, and this is what I came up with Adobe Slate:

#InstagramELEIt was very easy to make and I really like how it can be seen easily on any medium, not just on a web browser. I think it can be a nice tool for students to create stories as well. Here’s a short video from Adobe in which a teacher explains how his students use it to create portfolios. It also shows you all the capabilities of Slate:

For a class webpage, I still prefer Tackk, because you can not only embed more things like videos into it, but also it has a comment stream option. I will be writing more about that tool next week. But I think Slate is a great discovery for quick projects.

Let me know what you think of Adobe Slate and if you are using it or plan on using it. Thanks for reading!


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  1. Professora Munday,
    I found your Sacred Heart University Spanish Podcasts on iTunes and just love them! Are there any others available to the public or do you offer Spanish lessons via the internet? You have a very unique approach to learning Spanish which I can find no where else.

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