“Aprende con fotos” new page to practice vocabulary

2 Nov

I have always liked Tumblr, particularly its simplicity and style. But I really did not know how to use it. But lately I have seen some examples that have made me decide to create my own. Here are two tumblrs I love and use:

  • Meme Martes, created by Noah Giesel (@SenorG): Every Tuesday there is a new meme added with activities. My students can chose to do these for extra credit. They really like them.
  • Plato del día, by Zachary Jones (@ZJonesSpanish and the great  Zambombazo): A collection of more than 150 authentic menus from Spanish speaking countries. These are great when covering food or verbs like “pedir” for in class or homework review.

And, after seeing some images with words in Instagram (and in Pinterest), I decided that I would give Tumblr a try as a platform to learn and review vocabulary. So, I created Aprende con fotos, a place where everyone can add their own pictures with text in Spanish. I really believe that, for learning purposes, adding a real image to a word is much more valuable than a traditional flash card. There will also be increased learning if the students themselves are the ones creating the images.

Here are some ideas as to how the site can be used:

  • Students can submit their own pictures with words as extra credit or homework. I’m particularly excited about this idea. Almost everyone has a smartphone now. Students can just take pictures of any silly thing during their day and then add some text with free apps (Phonto, Fotolr, for iPhone, or try  these for Android) from their phone or with PicMonkey from their computer. Then, they just go to Aprende con fotos and click on SUBMIT.
  • Teachers can also upload some pictures from their own school or an area that is familiar to their students, to review some vocabulary.
  • Your students  can also subscribe to the RSS feed to review vocab.

I am tagging every picture with words in English, first its translation, and then anything that could go with it (like “weather,” “hobbies,” etc. so anyone can also search for specific pictures (in the BUSCAR area, at the end of the page). I’m hoping this will be wildly successful (one can dream) and then, when you look for say, “silla,” you find at least four or five pictures of chairs there.

You can also tell your students to add in the caption (descripción) area, a special tag or name for your class (maybe something like #SP101SHU), which I will add, so you can search for your students’ accepted pictures.

What do you think? How else could this be useful? Let me know also if you have another Tumblr you would like to share with us!

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