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16 Mar

Here is the presentation about DUOLINGO that I used last week at the CCSU Conference for Language Teachers. I am using it this semester with my first year Spanish courses as part of the homework, done outside of class, but it can also be a good activity for class, while students wait for other students to finish other projects.

There are many other aspects of Duolingo that I did not include here, but I would like to mention that it has an incredible community of language learners who are also always willing to help. I want to thank two of those members, Pinkdoug, who besides answering my questions, has created great resources to practice vocabulary, and Alison Clausing, a Spanish teacher, who showed me how she uses Duolingo in general and particularly the translation area, which I have not tried with my students yet.

At the end of the presentation, I have included some readings about self-directed learning, differentiation, and dictation and translation in the language classroom, as I believe they are relevant to Duolingo. I also added a link to a blog post by Gabriel Guillén (@gaguillen) which discusses the report mentioned in the video about Duolingo being equivalent to a semester language course.

Here’s the presentation:

I have not been able to find all of the contents of the Spanish tree anywhere, and unfortunately, to uncover it, you have to complete the nodes yourself, but I have started a Google Doc (featured in the presentation) to put all the contents there. It would be great if any of you would like to help me complete it. You can send me an e-mail to mundaysa at gmail dot com if you want to be added to this project.

Do you use Duolingo? How do you use it?


4 thoughts on “Duolingo for homework practice

  1. Thank you for this presentation. It makes the benefits of duolingo clear. I use it with my classes and have found the recent introduction of the duolingo for schools dimension very useful. A great tool for differentiation. Thanks again for your fantastic blog.

    • Thank you, Jennifer! I am really glad you found it useful. Yes, I love the new Duolingo for schools tool too. It makes it so much easier to assess the students’ work.

      Thanks again!

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