#InstagramELE August: an opportunity and a challenge

26 Jul

The month of August may be an ideal time to try new things, like #InstagramELE. You can dip your toes in, with no students watching, and see for yourself if this is something you may want to try for your class in the next school year. It may also be a good way to brush up your Spanish while on vacation, in a low stakes activity. If you want to join us, these are some recommendations:

  1. If you are completely new to Instagram, here’s a good starting guide
  2. If you already have an account, I also suggest that you create a different one for this purpose. I actually learned this tip from my own students. Instagram is a place where we tend to post very personal pictures. If you use it professionally, it is better to have a different space, not so personal. Having two accounts is quite difficult, as you need to log in and out of accounts to post pictures, but I think it is still worth it. To overcome this, I keep my personal account in my iPhone and the @desafioInstagramELE in the iPad, which makes it easier.
  3. From your “new” account try to follow other people who are also doing the challenge, besides, of course @InstagramELE. You can find them by checking that account (to see who we are following) or from the “likes” you get to your posts tagged with #InstagramELE.
  4. Try also to check the tag #InstagramELE and to “like” generously, not only pretty pictures but also nice, original sentences. It’s OK if you do not follow those people. You will also get “likes” from people you do not follow.
  5. Try to have fun with it. It’s OK to miss days or to join late. But I think you will enjoy it. (I wrote a blog post about why here)

And for the month of August, the @Instagramele account will try to repost the best entries from among all the nice souls that are practicing their Spanish during that time, so you may even have your picture reposted!

Here are the words for the month. This time, several people suggested words, so thanks to @aranchapastor, @drodhehs, and some other anonymous sources who filled out our vocabulary form.

Instagramele agosto

Looking forward to seeing your pictures in August!!

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