#InstagramELE challenge!

24 Jan

Do you use Instagram? As you may know, many of our students already do, and today I’m very excited  to introduce you to a challenge that my friend Adelaida Martín (@amartinbosque), a Spanish instructor in Barcelona, Spain, and I, have come up with. We both love doing the challenges that @fatmumslim posts every month, so we thought we could apply the same idea in Spanish, adapted for our students.  We want to give them another avenue to learn and practice vocabulary. As this recent Edutopia’s article about engagement shows, kids today want to try learning through different mediums. In particular, they want to get out of their seats, do activities they like and learn through images, three things that I think this activity provides.

Adelaida already wrote this great post explaining how it will work and how it can be applied to a class setting. I just want to add that it can also be used as an extra credit assignment or as a one of the choices in “Choose your own homework” type of activities (like the ones described by Sarah Cotrell in this post or Kara Jacobs in this list for students). For example, students can do it for a week to get credit, or more time to get more points.

One thing that I like about using Instagram’s hashtags is that you do not need to follow the students. And you can also create your own custom hashtags for your class or even for each particular student, so it is easier to fetch their relevant photos to see their work. Instagram links easily with Twitter, so if you use it for your class, you can combine both (like I probably will do, with my Twitter account @SPCONV).

Here are the words for the challenge for February, 2014:

For other months, we have created this form, so we can get the input from other teachers, as we would love to have more people involved in this project. You can send us your ideas for words through that form.

Our intentions are that, hopefully, not only students learning Spanish will complete it but also native speakers, adding cultural elements from the different Spanish-speaking world into the mix. We hope you like it and you encourage your students to complete it. It can also be used by anyone who just wants to practice Spanish, teachers included. 🙂

We hope to see you on Instagram!

18 thoughts on “#InstagramELE challenge!

  1. What a terrific idea! I’m going to share it with my Spanish IV students this week and give them the choice to adding it to the same homework project that Sara referenced.

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  9. Hola Profe. Munday! Gracias por todo lo que ha compartido con nosotros! El uso de #InstagramELE en una escuela secundaria es algo muy impresionante para los estudiantes! Me gustaría usar Instagram con mis estudiantes para compartir sus experencias de aprendizaje de un idioma extranjera.

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