#InstagramELE June!

26 May

InstagramELE junio (1)

One more month, one more #InstagramELE challenge. And this time, we have another contest, on June 15, thanks to a great group of Spanish students from Warsaw, Poland, and their awesome teacher, Nitzia Tudela. The students, under the guidance of Nitzia, decided to create a project, to run a photographic contest, from writing the rules, to deciding who the jurors are to determining the prizes, all while practicing their Spanish. Nitzia had heard about #InstagramELE and asked us if we wanted to collaborate. We thought this was a great idea, run by students, so we have included it in the calendar and would like to promote it. The rules for the contests are below. Nitzia also wrote a nice blog post, explaining how the idea came to be, and where she talks about the power of PLNs, project based learning and cool tools for the classroom.

I know many schools in the US will not be in session for most of June, but remember that #InstagramELE could be a great way to review Spanish during the summer. You do not have to do the whole month to benefit from it. Just reading and posting once in a while can already be useful. If you do decide to post, make sure you participate in the June 15 contest! Let’s make those Spanish students in Poland very happy!

Here are the rules:

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