#InstagramELE March!

26 Feb

Hi everyone. #InstagramELE has been a success! We got so far more than 1600 pictures and people contributing from different parts of the US and Spain (and maybe other places I don’t even know!).

As @amartinbosque already pointed out, we are hoping that more teachers want to help with possible words  for future months. Here’s the form to add words.

One suggestion that came from our students and that I think turned out to be a good idea, is to have them create special accounts just for the challenge. For those students who kept their regular accounts, their English-speaking friends sometimes had a hard time trying to follow all the Spanish. Not a bad thing, for sure, but I think it was uncomfortable for some of them. By creating a separate account, they can also alter their name and create a new circle of friends with their classmates and other #InstagramELE users.

I hope more teachers encourage their students to take up the challenge, even if it is not every day. A week or even some days can always be useful. And the most fun part (and educational too) is to click not only on the main hashtag, #InstagramELE, but also click on the word of the day to get the native speakers’ perspective.

Many of my own students have already created valuable connections and are using their Spanish in meaningful ways every day outside of class.

Here’s the challenge for the month of March:


We really hope you join us!

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