#InstagramELE May!

28 Apr

Here we go, one more month of #InstagramELE! We already have over 6000 pictures and many more teachers are joining the project. Remember that it can be used in flexible ways. For example, you may ask your students to complete up to two or three posts a week. Or you can ask them to select some days with words they need to practice more.

I would also encourage students (or anyone who wants to use it for practice) to click on the hashtag for the word of each day to see how native speakers are using that word or expression, and even make the jump and write comments on other people’s pictures. I know some teachers are already asking students to do those things, which increase engagement and, hopefully, learning.

We may also do another contest this month and we will let you know soon about the details. And, this month, from the @desafioInstagramELE account, we will also be doing reposts not only of teachers, but also of students whose written expression in Spanish is excellent. So, tell your students they may be featured as well!

Thanks so much for all the support of this project, for suggesting words and for having your students (and yourselves!) participate with such great images and context!

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