#InstagramELE November (and a new approach)

31 Oct

I have been away from the blog for a while, but here I am again, once more talking about #InstagramELE. When Adelaida Martín and I started the project in February, we had no idea that this was going to be so popular and well embraced, particularly by teachers from many countries. More than 10,000 tagged pictures later, this month we have some new fresh ideas to enhance the project. But first, here are the words for November and the slide for the month, which has been designed and created by Ricardo Torres, a teacher from Málaga, Spain, who has been participating in the project since almost the beginning. Kudos to his great job! (The words for each month come from suggestions that anyone can make through this form).

The interesting approach this month comes from another Spanish teacher from Málaga, Spain, José Ramón Rodríguez, who is proposing adding a gamification level to our challenge. He has written two very interesting blog posts about it:

  • Gamificando #InstagramELE (1) where he explains the way he is going to use #InstagramELE with his students in his center (a private language school) and why he is adding a gamification layer to motivate and engage them.


  • Gamificando #InstgramELE (2) where he shows us the badges he (or any one) can use to award the students with certain accomplishments, like who has a certain number of “likes,” or a certain number of comments.

I have known José Ramón through Twitter for a while and have always admired his work, so I was very happy and excited when he approached Adelaida and myself with his idea. I think that in a school setting like the university where I teach, where we can give students extra points for exams or projects, maybe this gamification level may not be needed. On the other hand, I am very curious to see how this works out for any teachers who decides to implement it. In any case, this is an incredibly valuable resource to add to our project. Here’s the welcome badge which is given to whomever starts #InstagramELE (through his/her teacher account, as in this case, or which can be posted in our main account, @desafioinstagramELE, if the participant does not have a formal class).   

Participa en #InstagramELE (@desafioinstagramele) y consigue tus badges: – Bienvenido: al publicar tu primera fotografía en #InstagramELE – Popular: cuando consigues 20 likes en una foto de #InstagramELE – Súperpopular: cuando consigues 50 likes en una foto de #InstagramELE – Social: cuando consigues 3 comentarios en una foto de #InstagramELE – Súpersocial: cuando consigues 10 comentarios en una foto de #InstagramELE – Viajero: cuando se publican 3 fotografías geolocalizadas en 3 ciudades diferentes en #InstagramELE – Súperviajero: Viajero: cuando se publican 10 fotografías geolocalizadas en 10 ciudades diferentes en #InstagramELE – Foodie: cuando se publican 3 fotos de comida en #InstagramELE – Súperfoodie: cuando se publican 10 fotos de comida en #InstagramELE – Eco: cuando se publican 3 fotos en la naturaleza (playa, bosque, montaña…) en #InstagramELE – Súpereco: cuando se publican 10 fotos en la naturaleza (playa, bosque, montaña…) en #InstagramELE – Cultureta: cuando se publican 3 fotos culturales (en museos, exposiciones, monumentos…) en #InstagramELE – Súpercutureta: cuando se publican 10 fotos culturales (en museos, exposiciones, monumentos…) en #InstagramELE – Casero: cuando publicas 3 fotos en casa en #InstagramELE – Súpercasero: cuando publicas 10 fotos en casa en #InstagramELE Cuando hayas conseguido alguno de estos logros pide tu badge a @enforexmalaga y te lo daremos 🙂 ¡Mucha suerte!

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Thanks so much for reading, as always, and I hope to see you in Twitter, Instagram, or in real life!!

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