Presentation for first day of class

30 Aug

If you have an intermediate or more advanced course, I feel it is a good idea to give the students an opportunity to tell you about themselves, as well as for them to get to know you better at the beginning of the school year, already using their Spanish. With that intention, I have created this Google presentation about myself, which can later be used as a template for students to create their own. For the presentation, I used my own Instagram pictures, so it was rather easy to have the Instagram page open in one window and just copy the pictures directly from there rather than upload anything.

The presentation is called “Seven things that are important to me” and I was inspired by this presentation, Things I Carry (which was created because of the hashtag #ThingsIcarry, another good idea for the first week of classes). I created two versions, one in which the pictures appear first, so students can already practice their Spanish to guess what things may be important to me by looking at the photos, and another one without those blank pages, so it can be used as a template for the students. Once students complete their presentation, they can be uploaded to their blogs (this year I’m trying the Blackboard blogs, wish me luck) or they can be used to present to the rest of the class.

Here are the two versions. Hope you like them!

Short version:

Long version:


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