“Spanish Ear” & “Spanish Listening” – Videos by native speakers

9 Sep

Thanks to the great blog by @KaraJacobs, Cultura y Civilización, I have just discovered these two websites, www.spanishear.com, and www.spanishlistening.org, which are similar, but, as far as I can tell, not the same. They both have native speakers giving short answers to simple questions, like in this example:

2013-09-08_2044They both have the following:

  • Possibility of adding Closed Captioning to the videos (although it is not available in everyone)
  • A list of important vocabulary explained with some more examples
  • A quiz to review comprehension
  • A transcription of the video
  • A translation in English

Spanishear has many adds all over the page, while Spanishlistening.org seems a bit more serious and it adds more explanations on how to use the site:


But, other than that, and their names, I don’t see any other difference in between the two sites.

The clips can be a great addition to any homework task for listening to authentic speakers (although some of them sound a bit scripted), and there are enough for students to choose different ones and comment about them in class. There are many topics covered by speakers from a variety of Spanish-speaking countries.

Another option is to have your students create similar videos by answering the same questions and later post them in your class blog or page.

Have you used these videos? Let me know what you think, and thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on ““Spanish Ear” & “Spanish Listening” – Videos by native speakers

  1. Profesora Munday, me acaba usted de regalar el vídeo que estaba buscando :)) Quería un breve relato de una anécdota personal, como inspiración para que mis estudiantes se arranquen a contar la suya, y mira por dónde, aquí hay un chico de Uruguay que lo hace perfecto: breve y ordenado. http://www.spanishlistening.org/content/239-MarcelSirer_Uruguay_BadVacation.html
    ¡Justo lo que necesitaba! Ni que me hubieras leído el pensamiento 😀
    Many thanks!

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