The Slideshow: easy tool to review vocabulary

21 Mar

The slideshow

I really enjoying using Google Images to review or learn new vocabulary. It is true that an image is worth a thousand words and sometimes it is quite difficult to explain certain words just using the target language. But, when I have a new group of words that I want to review o introduce (such as food, or school items) I had always wanted to have a way to show the words one after another, without having to type in each word in the search box. Here is where The Slideshow comes in. You just put in whatever you are looking for and you get a nice slideshow with the search results from Google Images. I usually put the search query in Spanish, so I may also get some culturally relevant images. This week, I have been teaching about food to first year students and I asked for “el desayuno” (breakfast) so we got many pictures that included just a piece of toast with butter and a cup of coffee (the typical breakfast in many Spanish speaking countries). But it also found many rich images which had other vocabulary words we had just learnt, like tablecloth, silverware, etc.

It also has an ADVANCED menu where you can restrict the search to a website like Flickr, enable safe search (quite important, although I still like to review the contents of the slideshow before I show them, just in case), and even choose certain colors or types of images (clip art, line art, etc.).

What type of images or tools do you use to review vocabulary?

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