Videos to practice Spanish: VideoELE

29 Oct


VideoELE  is a fabulous collection of short video clips which can be used to review Spanish or even be used as its own course, created by Agustín Iruela, a professor from Spain. I have been using it now to complement my teaching for the past two years and both my students and I really like it.

It has more than 80 videos so far, divided into four levels, A1, A2, B1 and B2. Many of the videos also come with a transcription, a guide with activities which can be printed and some interactive games that can be played on the computer. Here we can see some A1 videos:


The videos are short, but are very clear, and not only cover grammar and vocabulary but are excellent also in terms of culture. We can learn considerably about everyday life in Spain through them.

The way I use them in class is this. We see the clip a couple of times and then students answer some questions which I have prepared on Gosoapbox (I prefer to use this as we can later review the answers without the student names, although a Google Docs Form could be similarly used). Then, my students work on the interactive area, either on their own or in couples, sharing a computer. What I like about this is that students are really engaged. When students have completed the activities, they can click on an icon in the upper right corner, which will show which of the activities they have completed.

At this point, students can either take a screenshot of their results or just take a picture of the screen with their smart phones and send it to me, as you can see here. Thus, these activities can also be assigned as homework.

Not all videos have yet activities, but they are still quite useful just on their own. I have to say, I really love VIDEOELE. Have you used it in your classes? How do you use it? Thanks for letting me know!

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  1. Videoele produces episodes in advanced level each week? or once a month?, I enjoy the episodes very much but more episodes would be
    much better.

    • The episodes are updated regularly but there is no fixed schedule. The creator is adding more advanced ones lately as well.
      Thanks for your comment!

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